Barter Timeshare

*Gold Crown, 5 Star Resorts, or Holiday Weeks

**Silver Crown Resorts or 4 Star Resorts

EEY- Every Even Year Usage 

EOY-Every Odd Year Usage

TIMESHARE TRAVEL provides one of the best timeshare resale services in the world. We pride ourselves in having a sincere, honest approach to this controversial industry. 

Our office is located on State Street in Salt Lake City Utah. Although in Salt Lake City, we provide timeshare resale services globally via the internet and e-mail, toll free numbers and direct mail.

Since 1984 we have served the timeshare industry and are recognized as one of the top-rated timeshare service organizations in the world. Over the years we have been listed and rated as one of the top ten resale companies by USA Today newspaper and Changing Times magazine. In 38 years, we have not changed our name like many resale companies. Several resale companies change their name on a regular basis to avoid the negative publicity of all their complaints with the BBB. We are in great standing with the BBB and their online reliability program.

Timeshare Travel provides specialized global marketing and referral network service, which we call our Ad-List program. With our Ad-List program, we advertise lists of timeshare weeks on our very popular website, which has about 500,000 hits per month. We also publish our own publication of Ad-Listings which are exclusively mailed out to interested buyers & brokers. This Ad-Listing timeshare information is also made available to our referral network, other resale agents and resale companies who utilize this information in some of their selling programs.

Call today at (801) 269-9200 for more details and to discuss your selling needs.

We also do extensive general advertising nationwide in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, direct mail, internet ads, internet links and banners, billboards, TV and radio. Our own in-house licensed agents (Timeshare Realty, DBA of Timeshare Travel) are working everyday with potential buyers, brokers and agents who call or e-mail offers and inquiries generated from this extensive marketing and referral network.

One of the best services we provide to timeshare sellers is a reality check. We let them know that they will rarely sell their timeshare for a profit and in most cases their timeshare is worth 20% to 50% less than what they paid for it. We also let them know that the timeshare market is competitive and to sell they may have to be open to other options and low offers.

We have several services and programs available to timeshare sellers. Not all of our programs will cost the seller money. Our most popular program, the Ad-Listing program, is only $189 to the seller. These funds are solely used in covering the costs of our extensive marketing & advertising program.

Other Services available:

  • Consulting, Closings, Global auction & cash liquidation sales
  • Charity donation program, Trade-in’s and upgrades, Financing (conditions apply)
  • Property evaluations, Buy timeshare’s outright (conditions apply)