Barter Timeshare

*Gold Crown, 5 Star Resorts, or Holiday Weeks

**Silver Crown Resorts or 4 Star Resorts

EEY- Every Even Year Usage 

EOY-Every Odd Year Usage

Questions & Answers 

1) Do people really buy a timeshare this way? (1 out of 10 do, marketing costs are 20%-50% of value – explain what marketing costs are)

2) So, with this going on – is timeshare popular? (discuss how many resorts and owners and billion dollar industry)

3) What does Timeshare Travel do? How does Timeshare Travel market compared to the developers methods? (TTA reinvented Timeshare) (TTA is a timeshare resale service that provides extensive advertising & marketing for sellers as well as buys 100’s of weeks per year from sellers. With their sister company Timeshare Realty, they provide in-house real estate agents to buyers ).

For timeshare sellers we offer a complete line of services including extensive global advertising & marketing, free property evaluations, closing service, we buy 100’s of timeshare weeks every year from sellers (so call us for an outright offer). We provide a timeshare charity donation service to sellers (we have several charities lined up for timeshare donations – can be a great tax write off for sellers) and we provide consulting.

Sellers are welcome to call our toll free number anytime for a free Property eval and to find out about the landscape of this controversial & complex industry. You may have questions about resale companies, resorts, a closing, or about how to market on your own (can refer other websites or ideas on how to sell on a for sale by owner basis).

We have a highly trained staff of customer service dept that will discuss with you your selling needs. This is a very complex industry and we want to give the timeshare sellers a heads up on what’s going on in this resale market. Most timeshare sellers don’t understand the pitfalls in this market and what there timeshare is really worth.

Been in Business for 25 years – Rated in the top 5 – Resale Service. We buy and sell timeshares. For Sellers: 1) We buy 100’s every year 2) provide global marketing and advertising 3) Free property Eval – realistic approach, no hype 4) Consulting – offer several options like For Sale by owner help, closings, charity donations or someone to talk with about all options. Sellers need options. For Buyers: We don’t have a free gift or boiler room – we do offer up to 80% off on a timeshare. Don’t buy from developers – they are overpriced.

4) How did you get into this business?

5) What is timeshare, concept , definition & history? (own one week per year for the rest of your life – real estate concept and a travel concept – pre-paid vacation – people sharing costs of vacation home – started in the 70‘s)

6) Are there laws that govern timeshare? What if the resort or developer that I invest into goes under? All timeshare projects are Free & Clear

7) Is timeshare for everybody?

8) It seems like I can get a better deal through a travel agency or charter program like Fun Jet? Or I can get cheaper rooms by using my discount Hotel coupons or Travel club programs? (pros & cons to both – timeshare is guaranteed vacation – forces you to go – also 4 to 5 star resorts with all amenities and kitchens – sleep your whole family of 6 and not cost you more. Most hotel programs are middle or lower end and charge per person and not always available when you call).

I’m looking at your list, what is:

9) Fl all? Fl Sum, Fl Win?

10) These Mexico weeks expire in 2023? (Is timeshare deeded? Lease? Membership)

11) What is a Red, white or blue week?

12) What is RCI or II? Are these the how you trade one timeshare for another?

13) Is RCI the timeshare bank? (What to do if you can’t use your timeshare this year)

14) Is RCI or II the only way I can trade?

15) Who manages these condo‘s, and can I trade through them?

16) What is the difference between RCI and my management company?

17) What is Bonus time?

18) What are the average maintenance fees? What are they for? How do you justify this amount?

19) Do maintenance fees go up?

20) Can I rent my timeshare?

21) Any tax benefits to owning timeshare?

22) You have a program to donate timeshares to Charity, how does that work?

23) It looks like a buyers market, why do so many people want to sell? (most people have bought through a boiler room duress situation and really don’t understand what they own)

24) Will I lose money if I sell?

25) What is the process if I buy? Is there closing costs?

26) Why should I buy from you VS buying through the newspaper or E-bay?

Additional Questions:

1) Marriott & Hiltons have really established the credibility of the timeshare industry. Why do big name companies like these get into this controversial business?

2) I have a friend that attended a Timeshare presentation and at the end of the presentation the salesperson said: “Where do you want to fly? We will fly you and your family anywhere in the world if you buy today” That’s a pretty strong pitch. How do these timeshare developers do that?

3) People have said that owning a timeshare is like renting your vacation VS owning your vacation – how do you explain that?

4) RCI – I’ve heard of timeshare point systems, what is the difference between a point system and just a regular week?

5) Is timeshare a good investment? (you won’t make a killing financially, but you will save money on your vacations and if you buy on the resale market, buy in good area, and buy a good week, you won’t lose money on your investment – most importantly you will be investing into your family). Important to use – will lose if you don’t use.

6) Why should I buy a timeshare? (most people want to go on a nice vacation 1 or 2 weeks per year – this is a forced vacation, prepaid vacation and nice way to do it in a luxury resort at a cost you may not be able to afford otherwise – and, not a bad investment financially if you buy resale and a good investment into your family)

7) What is the difference between TTA and other resale companies? There are Good companies and Bad Companies.

It surprises me when people say “I won’t pay upfront money to sell”. I don’t understand this. This is a global market and we can’t put a sign in front of your condo. If my Agents were selling homes – they would put out a sign and make 10-20 times more commission