Barter Timeshare

*Gold Crown, 5 Star Resorts, or Holiday Weeks

**Silver Crown Resorts or 4 Star Resorts

EEY- Every Even Year Usage 

EOY-Every Odd Year Usage

Educational #1

Why Buy a timeshare? 8 Reasons.

  • Good Investment if your buying 90% to 95% off.
  • Pay Motel 6 prices for a 5 star Resort that sleeps 4-6 people.
  • Guaranteed yearly vacation (forced vacation – business owners dream)
  • Travel in style – high end, 5 star, all amenities.
  • Full Kitchens, fully equipped units – all you bring is a toothbrush.
  • Travel Club perks: RCI, VRI, II, Wyndham, Hilton, MROP, etc – membership offers 40%- 70% off on condos rentals, cruises, car rentals, vacation homes, hotel rooms.
  • Tax write off for businesses.
  • Own instead of rent. Own one week per year for the rest of your life.

Educational Series #2

Is a timeshare a good Investment?

Many of the so called “financial experts” will tell you timeshare is not a good financial investment if you buy from a resort. If your paying full price it’s hard to argue with their logic. However, if you are paying 95% off market prices from a resale company like Timeshare Travel, you can always sell the timeshare later for what you pay – or for a profit – so yes, it’s not a bad financial investment because you will realize immediate real estate equity and own and enjoy a 5 star resort that sleeps 4-8 people at less than Motel 6 prices.

Primarily it’s the best investment you can make with your family – and that is spending more time with them at a luxurious timeshare 5 star resort.

Educational Series #3

Maintenance fees costs and value

Most Maintenance fees are based upon 1/4 to 1/3 of the market rental rate of the room you own. When you rent a deluxe hotel room or a resort condo you are paying $180 to $500 per night for rooms. When renting a lower end Motel 6 or Comfort Inn you pay $80 to $140 per night. Based upon the average timeshare maintenance fees, for a 5 star resort that sleeps 4-6 people, your average costs are only $80 per night for your room . Wow! As you can see, you save a ton of money by owning and using a timeshare deeded property!

Educational Series #4

Buy into a million $ resort condo – Buy a timeshare

When you buy a Timeshare, you are buying into a $500,000 to $1,000,000 dollar 4 to 5 star resort condo. You pay maintenance fees for every timeshare week you own – these fees generally average $80 per night to use that condo. Compare this to renting a resort condo or hotel room that costs $180 to $500 per night or compare to a lower end Motel 6 or Comfort Inn will cost $80 to $140 per night. Also, most timeshares will sleep 4-6 people, have full kitchens, resort amenities and… your buying into a million dollar resort condo.

Educational Series #5

Timeshare Exchange Benefit.

A recent survey with RCI (worlds largest timeshare exchange club) 90% of it’s members stated that they bought their timeshare for the purpose of exchanging to other resorts now and again. Owning a timeshare offers so much flexibility. When you buy a resort timeshare, you don’t have to stay at the resort you own. You can use your timeshare week (or nights) at hundreds of other resorts. Most exchange programs including RCI offer many options which allow you to exchange easily to the area or resort of your choice. It’s important to know the rules of your exchange club to receive the maximum benefits from them.

As you can see, you save a ton of money by owning and using a timeshare deeded property – and your staying in a (up to) million dollar condo!

Educational Series #6

Travel Club membership:

When owning one timeshare you become a member of some of the best travel clubs in the world. In addition to discounts on additional time (or nights) at your home resort these clubs will offer $199 to $299 week rentals, 50% off on cruises, 30% off on car rentals.